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Volunteer Tracking with POINT

What is POINT?
POINT is the software platform LMNGNO uses to track events and volunteer hours. 

Navigating the Site 
Point has done a wonderful job of clearly explaining how to use their platform. Note: We have upgraded our version of POINT to make it easier to track and log volunteer and continuing ed hours. 

  1. Visit this link to learn more about POINT.
  2. View and/or print instructions  for logging LMNGNO volunteer and continuing ed hours.
  3. Watch the tutorial video below for logging LMNGNO volunteer and continuing ed hours.

Want to See Your Event on the New Site?

As always, if you would like to see an event on our calendar please fill out this google form:

Volunteer and CE Event Request Google Form

Please let me know if you have any additional questions after you have utilized these resources.
Alanna Frick
Volunteer & Continuing Education Committee Chair 
[email protected]

Logging Volunteer and Continuing Ed Hours


Check out our POINT page.