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Membership Levels

Types of Membership

Friends of LMNGNO are members who have not completed or engaged in LMNGNO core training workshops so are not required to perform volunteer hours and not required to meet the Continuing Education requirements; they have, however, made and continue to make donations or dues payments to the organization.  

Certified members (Certified Master Naturalists and Certified Charter Members) are those who have completed the core training course and all requirements for certification.  Annual dues for friends and certified members is $25.00.
A friend or certified member may become a lifetime member by paying $250.  The funds from life membership fees shall be placed into the Endowment Fund that is designed to grow the organization and to foster growth at the state master naturalist level.  

Click here to pay your dues online or send a check to the address below:
Michele Mire 
Treasurer, LMNGNO 

323 NO Hammond Hwy.
New Orleans, LA 70124